Poomsae and Sparring Divisions will follow USAT age and belt divisions.  Divisions (except Cadet, Junior, Senior black belts) will be divided into a division of 4 competitors.

USA Taekwondo Kyorugi Competition Rules From January 1 2015 V2.pdf

4-5 year old

6-7 year old

8-9 year old

10-11 year old

12-14 year old

15-17 year old

17-32 year old



Side Kick and Back turning Kick (Back Kick) Breaking Event

Kicking technique should be followed as in the Kukkiwon textbook.

  • Method of contest: Ranking system (More breaking gets higher rank.)
  • Contest time: 30 seconds or less
  • Attire: Approved Dobok
  • Compulsory Provisions
  • Targets used in breaking events must be those authorized by the Organizing Committee.
  • In principle, the foot cannot be covered by bandages or any other materials.
  • Use of any materials covering the foot due to injury must be approved by the Referee.
  • Side Kick breaking must be done with the sole of the foot or outer part of the foot.
  • The height of breaking materials must be higher than the contestant's waist.
  • Breaking is conducted only once.
  • Technique will be allowed for the following acts:
  • Contestants are permitted to lift one foot off of the ground while applying their technique.
  • Contestants are permitted to apply their technique using either their front foot or back foot.
  • Warning penalties are given to the followingacts:
  • Disturbing another contestant's performance
  • Disobeying the Referee's instruction
  • Deduction penalties are given to the following acts:
  • Touching the ground with any part other than the foot after breaking
  • Exceeding the contest time: Deduct one point for each ten seconds.
  • Disqualification penalties are given to the following acts:
  • The competitor's name is different than what is on the Contestants List.
  • Falling down afterbreaking
  • Breaking in any dishonest way

individual Creative Breaking

  • Method of contest: Ranking system based on scoring criteria below.
  • Contest time: 60 seconds for preparation and 60 seconds for execution when referee states Shi-jak
  • Attire: Approved Dobok
  • Maximum amount of boards is 10. The minimum is 1.
  • Boards will be provided bytournament committee
  • No alterations are allowed. Such as adding a board fragment.
  • No props may be used
  • Each board may be attempted to break three times.
  • Scoring criteria:
  • Every contestant starts with 50 base points
  • 10 points for creativity and difficulty
  • 10 points for execution
  • 10 points for presentation
  • 10 points for Taekwondo spirit
  • Deductions
  • 1-point penalty for every second exceeding the time limit in either preparation or performance
  • 1-point penalty for every attempt after the first
  • 1-point penalty for going out of bounds
  • 1 point for unsportsmanlike conduct